Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 09:11


Scarlet Pimpernel [Anagallis arvensis] 



Sea Carrot [Daucus carota subspecies gummifer]

Looking out to sea near Berry Head Country Park. The red-tinged leaves help distinguish this species from Wild Carrot. [9/6/2009]



Sea-milkwort [Glaux maritima]

River Teign, near Newton Abbot, Devon. [21/6/2009]


Selfheal [Prunella vulgaris]

The lush verge of a lane near Holne in Devon. [4/7/2009]


Shoreweed [Littorella uniflora]

Dartmoor National Park. [24/6/2009]


Stinking Iris [Iris foetidissima]

Near Berry Head NNR, Devon. [29/6/2009]


Traveller's-joy [Clematis vitalba]

Found near Dittisham in Devon. [23/8/2009]




Traveller's-joy [Clematis vitalba]

Churston Woods. [10/1/2010]


Tree-mallow [Lavatera arborea]

The stems of these flowers are substantial enough to resemble small trees. [9/6/2009]


Tufted Vetch [Vicia cracca]

The verge of a Dartmoor lane. [4/7/2009]


Tutsan [Hypericum androsaenum]

within woods near Brixham in Devon. [30/6/2009]


Water Chickweed [Mycosoton aquaticum]

Near Dartington in Devon. [20/7/2009]




Water Mint [Mentha aquatica]

Found near Ashburton in Devon. [16/8/2009]




Water-pepper [Persicaria hydropiper]

Near Kingswear in Devon. [19/7/2009]



White Campion [Silene latifolia]

found by a footpath near Galmpton (Brixham) in Devon. [31/5/2009]


Wild Angelica [Angelica sylvestris]

Found near Ashburton in Devon. [16/8/2009]



Wild Marjoram [Origanum vulgare]

Found near Kingswear in Devon. [26/7/2009]


Wild Onion [Allium vineale]

Seen near Holne, Devon. [4/7/2009]


Wild Teasel [Dipsacus fullonum]

Seen on the South West Coast Path in Devon. [2/8/2009]



Wood Anemone [Anemone nemorosa]

Woodland near Dartington in Devon. [4/4/2010]


Wood Sage [Teucrium scorodonia]

Seen in a wood near Kingswear in Devon. [19/7/2009]



Wood Speedwell [Veronica montana]

A lane near Holne, Devon. [4/7/2009]


Yellow-rattle [Rhinanthus minor]