Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 09:11


Marsh Thistle [Cirsium palustre]

Occombe Farm Nature Trail [5/7/2009]



Meadowsweet [Filipendula ulmaria]

Occombe Farm nature walk [5/7/2009]



Mugwort [Artemisia vulgaris]

Seen near Dartmouth in Devon. [23/8/2009]



Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea [Lathyrus sylvestris]

Seen on South West Coast Path in Devon. [2/8/2009]




The leaves of Pennywort [Umbilicus rupestris] provided a cool sanctuary for this White-lipped Snail. This was taken near Galmpton near Brixham. [31/05/2009]


The tall flowering spike of Pennyworts (also called Navelworts). These were found near Berry Head in Brixham. [09/06/2009]




Red Clover [Trifolium pratense]

Seen near Dartmouth in Devon. [23/8/2009]



Redshank [Persicaria maculosa]

Dartington, Devon. [6/7/2009]


Seen near Kingswear in Devon. [26/7/2009]



Rosebay Willowherb [Chamerion angustifolium]

Seen in a wood near Kingswear in Devon. [19/7/2009]



Round-leaved Crowfoot [Ranunculus omniophyllus]

Dartmoor National Park. [24/6/2009]



Red Valerian [Centranthus ruber] was prominent in this hedgerow near Buckfastleigh.