Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 09:17

Common Walnut [Juglans regia]

Friends' garden in Brixham, Devon. [29/6/2009]

The bumps on these leaves belong to the Walnut Leaf Gall mite [Aceria cinerea]


Common Yew [Jaxus baccata]

Yews are a common sight in churchyards. This one (in the churchyard at Holne in Devon) might have reached maturity well before the earliest grave. It was tempting to walk through the hole in the middle but equally I did not wish to get stuck! [4/7/2009]


English Oak [Quercus robur]

Seen near Dartington in Devon. [20/7/2009]



Leaves of Field Maple [Acer campestre]

These leaves are playing host to plant galls (of the species Aceria myriadeum). Over time they will hatch into wasps.

These were spotted near Netherton in Devon. [21/6/2009]




Field-rose [Rosa arvensis]

Found in a hedgerow near Galmpton (Brixham) in Devon. [31/5/2009]