Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 08:52



Scarlet Elfcup [Sarcoscypha austrica]

Woodland near Dartington in Devon. [4/4/2010]


Shaggy Inkcap [Coprinus comatus]

Near Greenway in Devon. [25/10/2009]





Velvet Shank [Flammulina velutipes]

Top: near Greenway in Devon. [25/10/2009]

Bottom: [23/1/2010]



Wolf's Milk [Lycogala terrestre]

This is actually a species of slime mould. For the sake of convenience I have included slime moulds in the fungi categories.

These were seen near Stoke Gabriel in Devon. [12/7/2009]



Yellow Fieldcap [Bolbitius titubans]

Seen near Stoke Gabriel in Devon. [12/7/2009]