Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 08:31



Silver-washed Fritillary [Argynnis paphia]

Dartmoor National Park, Devon. [4/7/2009]

The veins on the wing are pronounced in the top image. This species of fritillary is often on the wing. They can lead you a merry dance and sometimes it's best to give up and hope you come to see another specimen. When you see one and it comes to rest you have to act fast.


Silver Y [Autographa gamma]

Found near the South West Coast path in Devon. [2/8/2009]


Six-spot Burnet [Zygaena filipendulae]

Found on the South West Coast path in Devon. [2/8/2009]



Small Copper [Lycaena phlaeas]

In a meadow near Dartington in Devon. [20/7/2009]



Small Tortoiseshell [Aglais urticae]

Seen near Stoke Gabriel in Devon. [12/7/2009]



Wall Butterfly [Lasiommata megera]

Seen at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon. [19/8/2009]


White Ermine moth caterpillar [Spilosoma lubricipeda]

Found near Dittisham in Devon. [23/8/2009]


Yellow Shell [Camptogramma bilineata]

Dartmoor National Park, Devon. [4/7/2009]