Moor to Coast


19/06/2013 - 08:35


Gatekeeper [Pyronia tithonus]

Seen on hedge in back garden. [7/7/2009]


Found near Kingswear in Devon. [26/7/2009]




Green-veined White [Pieris napi]

Occombe Farm Nature Trail [5/7/2009]



Jersey Tiger [Euplegia quadripunctaria]

Seen in South Devon on the South West Coast Path. [2/8/2009]




Large White [Pieris brassicae]

Seen in a wood near Kingswear in Devon. [19/7/2009]




Caterpillar of the Large White Butterfly [Pieris brassicae]

Seen near Dartington in Devon. [20/7/2009]




Large Skipper [Ochlodes venata]

The two images above show the same Large Skipper specimen at different angles. The degree of closeness to the subject can sometimes make it appear darker or brighter (as in the top image.) This was taken near Berry Head in Brixham. [9/6/2009]




Large Yellow Underwing [Noctua pronuba]

Seen at Netherton Fruit Farm [21/6/2009]